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My name's Mel.
Drum Major of the Pompano Beach Golden Tornado Band, member of the C.O.S. drum line, and donut lover.
Fake it til you make it.




if you can’t read ledger lines you’re WEAK your bloodline is WEAK and you will not survive the winter

I’m working on it :(

what’s a ledger line?

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BCU’s Big Ballin’ gets me so pumped for everything

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Have you ever noticed the refraction of light in a cup of coffee?

The envelope of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface is called a caustic (from the Latin causticus, “burning”); more concrete a catacaustic in case of reflection, and a diacaustic in case of refraction. The caustic is a curve or surface to which each of the light rays is tangent. In case of a circle, the resulting shape is a cardioid.

Wolfram MathWorld provides a list of famous catacaustics.
Rainbows are familiar examples of caustics as well!

Math it’s everywhere around you. Most people don’t notice. Like people who hide the fact they can’t read because they are illiterate and don’t have any idea what they are missing, people who are innumerate think that they don’t need math and will never use this stuff anyway. Actually, math makes your would richer and more understandable…in a way just reading never will.

It looks like a butt

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this post is here to remind everybody that “gråtrunka” is the swedish word for “crying while masturbating”

That’s a real tear jerker

Did you just

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I’m so fucking stressed and on top of band and parents and every other fucking thing I have to sign up for SAT and ACT
Can I just take a break from living for a little while

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Anonymous asked: ur a nerd


thanks ed

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